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La Reina de Atenguillo, Raicilla Artesanal - Reposado


Located at an altitude of 1655 meters above sea level, Atenguillo is a Sierra Madre occidental municipality belonging to the state of Jalisco. Home of dedicated people, natural source water and a beautiful landscape, this mexican town honors tradition and brings a legacy back to life with the unique touch of true craftsmanship. Since ancestral times the people of Mexico had a profound relationship with the agave plant and through the cross cultural experience from the east and the west the crafting of vino mezcal emerged. Vino mezcal for instance, is any distilled beverage derived from the plant of agave; and as agave botanics has a wide range of varieties the same happens to vino mezcal, giving birth to what is known today as Raicilla.

La Reina de Atenguillo, Raicilla Artesanal - Reposado

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